Payroll Software with automated Paye revenue forms, payslips, income tax and NI

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Annual PAYE return

Annual PAYE return showing employees’ names, income tax and national insurance calculated automatically.

Annual PAYE return
Payslip template

UK Payslip template, salary wage slips and Pay Slips stationery

Payslip template


Note: After the 2013-14 financial year, the Payroll calculator is not available, instead use HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools and the DIY Accounting payslip generator.

 DIY Accounting PAYE Payroll System is the ultimate, easy-to-use payroll software, designed specifically for employees who are not contracted out of the state pension scheme with an automated paye calculator to work out income tax and national insurance deductions . The paye calculator is a series of excel formulae built into the payroll system to lookup income tax and national insurance tables to provide a complete payroll solution and a real cost saving option to outsourcing payroll.
Excel or an open source spreadsheet program must be installed on your computer since the package consists of payroll spreadsheets.


Key Features & Payroll Software with automated Paye revenue forms, payslips, income tax and NI

One Click Payroll Software

Automated payroll software designed on excel spreadsheets, previous payroll experience is not required offering a cost effective solution to outsourcing payroll. Payroll is a single-user UK payroll solution designed to suit businesses employing up to 20 staff. 3 versions are available for up to 5 employees, 10 employees and 20 employees.

Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions Automated

One Click Payroll software automates PAYE income tax and national insurance calculations. The payroll software does this by determining from the employee details entered on the payroll which income tax code is applicable for each employee and which national insurance table is applicable. Employee names are automatically entered on the payroll system in the correct week.

When the gross pay is entered on the payroll system the employee tax code is looked up on the income tax table which is part of the paye calculator and also looks up the income tax code for that employee on the income tax manual tables. The payroll system is linked to the income tax tables and the income tax to be deducted then appears automatically on the payroll. The national insurance works in a similar way being also part of the paye calculator by determining from the employee details on the payroll which national insurance table should be applied, ands look up the correct national insurance table and updates the employee national insurance contributions and employers national insurance on the payroll system.

Payslips Automated and Printed on Plain Paper

The UK payroll package automatically produces monthly or weekly payslips for each employee. No entries required, the payslips are produced automatically. The payroll produces these payslips which can be printed out on ordinary copy paper. No special payroll or payslip stationery is required. The entire payroll software system costing less than many companies charge just for payslip stationery alone.

Inland Revenue forms Automated

DIY Accounting One Click Payroll software has primarily been designed as a payroll solution that is easy to use requiring the absolute minimum level of entries while automating the maximum level of required payroll functions to save clients time and money. This payroll software in addition to calculating income tax and national insurance contributions also has automated functions to record the income tax and national insurance deductions for the year to date which it uses to complete an excel copy of the Inland Revenue P35 return.

In addition the payroll software is automated to produce excel copies of all the paye revenue returns including the P11, income tax and national insurance deductions record, the P14 which is the year summary of the income tax and national insurance contributions. Excel copies of the P45's are automated, simply enter the employees leaving date on the payroll and the P45 is filled in for you ready to copy to the Revenue PAYE form and hand to the employee. At the end of the financial year the system also produces the P60 end of year Paye summary.

UK Payroll System User Guide

The payroll system user guide provides easy step by step instructions which are not complicated technical specifications but easy to read notes written in layman's language.

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Need a reason to buy this product?   Is it worth £15 - £25 for payroll software that automates your payroll system and reduces your workload to entering the gross pay, prints wage slips on plain paper and fills in all your HM Revenue & Customs payroll forms for you, P11, P14, P45, P60, P35's for a whole year!  How much payroll time is that going to save you ? Hours better spent producing more profits for your business.

DIY Accounting One Click Payroll Software - Key Features & Benefits

  • This payroll solution is fast and easy to use requiring employee details and gross pay only to be entered on the payroll sheets, all other functions and forms to be filled in have been automated to provide a complete payroll solution.
  • One Click Payroll gets its name because if the payroll is the same as the previous pay period you can simply enter "Y" in the appropriate box and all payroll details will be repeated for that pay period, payslips produced and all income tax, national insurance revenue forms updated
  • UK payroll package for up to 5, 10 or 20 employees with year to date figures automatically updated.
  • Salary Payslips automatically generated and available in real time with wage slips being printed on plain paper with no requirement for expensive specialised documentation.
  • One Click Payroll User Guide accompanies the package containing concise, easy to read notes to lead you through the package which has been made as fast and easy as possible
  • Annual PAYE return showing employees’ names, income tax and national insurance calculated automatically.
  • DIY Accounting payroll software is supplied as standard with the advanced accounting product.  Please visit advanced accounting if you also wish to have the payroll software integrated into a spreadsheet accounting software
  • Technical and Operational support is included by phone or online via email with over 95% of questions dealt with the same day.

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