Getting Started with the Company Limited Package

This article will help you get started using the Company Limited Package.

The package is spreadsheet based, so you will need a spreadsheet package to run. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel and don’t plan to purchase it, you’ll need an alternative like OpenOffice which you can download free.

There is a user guide with the package (Companyaccountsuserguide.pdf) which goes into some detail about what to do.

In short:
Feed last years profit and loss and balance sheet into Financialaccounts.xlsx > OpenAccounts
Add any outstanding creditors and debtors to Purchases > Opening Creditors and Sales > Opening Debtors
Add the Opening bank balances to the various cash and bank sheets
Ensure the balance sheet balances and all the opening balances reconcile with Open Accounts
Then your off, start feeding in sales, purchases and bank transactions and keep reviewing you position using the financial accounts file.
The files are all linked together so take care not to rename them and if you move the folder around move everything together with Excel closed.

We also have a forum here: where you can post queries and search for solutions already present.

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